canstockphoto11143945Sometimes we tend to be way too critical of ourselves. You are your own worst enemy! So stop it. We don’t realize how much we allow media and other people’s perceptions to influence our own perception of ourselves. Learning to live is letting go of your fear of failure and understanding that being different is what makes us all special. We shouldn’t walk into stores to see the same items hanging on the racks because that would be a nightmare and definitely a  pretty boring shopping experience. Variety…Mixing things up and trying something NEW is what makes shopping fun! We all have different body types and learning to be comfortable in your own skin is what matters.

The most important rule of style is to carry and dress yourself with confidence. In everything you do and in any path you take, do so confidently. Make your own path, to achieve your own goals and to look your very best every single day.
Confidence in your style begins with an authentic expression of who you are.  Breaking through your insecurities, by stepping out of your comfort zone when getting dressed, will help you start getting used to trying something new every time and hopefully getting used to your new self.
There is just something about a woman who knows how to carry herself  and is confident about who she is and how she looks regardless of her size, or age . Learn to define your clothes rather than let your clothes define you! Your fashion style should be an expression of uniqueness and an organic flow of your personality.  Learn to take risks but be yourself and go forth with confidence!

Ladies always remember these words There will always be someone better than me, there will always be someone worse than me but there will never be someone LIKE ME!

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