headshot FBI came across Deborah Deras’s videos and thought to myself  WOW! she is an amazing Latina and I need to meet her. She is an inspirational speaker, author, and life coach. She is known as a productivity, stress management and leadership expert facilitating training’s, and she also does keynote speaking engagements for Fortune 500 companies such as: J.P. Morgan, Kaiser, Macy’s, State Farm Insurance, British Petroleum and many others.

If your looking for some inspiration I can definitely tell you Deborah has it. Grab your cup of pumpkin spice latte and read a little bit about this a Awesome Latina and how she can help you transform your life! 

In a rush…Be sure to watch her video down below

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My family comes from Colombia.The struggles I have experienced is doing too much and being an Adrenaline Addict, thinking I need to be better to prove I am worthy and deserving as well as trying to make up for the sacrifices my Dad made for me to have a better life. I write about this in my book, Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict: How to achieve more with less effort.http://www.amazon.com/Confessions-Adrenaline-Addict-Achieve-Effort/dp/0977027503

1) What is your vision/life purpose?
My vision is to create a world that works together, Synergistically.

I am committed and dedicated to sharing resources that will help people transform their lives and live passionate, purposeful and prosperous lives.

I founded my first company in 2000, called Passionate Living Now a life coaching business with that mission. I expanded to a professional training and development company specializing in leadership and productivity training and consulting called, Synergy Unlimited in 2002.

My clients list include: New York Life, State Farm Insurance, Macy’s, Kaiser Permanente, General Electric and many other Fortune 500 companies.

We believe with the Power of Synergy, anything is possible.

2) What inspired you to do the Global Latino Summit?

I have been doing motivational speaking for over 15 years, and I have met so many amazing people that have inspired me, given me great tools and resources and I literally wanted all of my friends, family and co-workers to hear them speak.

I have attended countless, Tele-summits on healing, tapping, NLP, the brain and I thought. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would put together a Latino Leadership tele-summit? Than, my higher power that I call, God, said, you should do it. I said, no, three times and than suddenly ALL of my work: coaching, speaking, training stopped to a halt. I prayed to God, please give me money, give me work and God said, I did give it to you. I gave you the vision for the Global Latino Summit.So, after a little bit of fear and hesitation I realized I wasn’t supposed to teach or train leadership I was supposed to model it by creating this inagural event.

What do you hope to accomplish?
I know this sounds corny but I really hope to transform the world. We all know that the Latino population is the fastest growing population and has a trillion dollar buying power but how much Wealth do we have? How many of us have PhD’s? How many of us are on Corporate Boards? How many of us our creating non-profits and leaving legacy’s not only for our family but for our communities? I know that is we have the information and apply it we than will be an empowered group, not a minority, not a statistic or a consumer but a Developer, Creator, Servant Leader, Innovator, Influencer of an election, policies, decisions and really impact the world in a huge way.

Who is speaking and why should people tune in?

We have so many amazing speakers over 27 to be exact. Initially, I planned to have 1 each day of Hispanic Heritage month but I kept adding so on a few days we have two speakers to share their successes, tell us how they overcame their challenges and also give us success strategies to pursue our greater vision. Jesse Martinez, Co-Founder of Latino Startup Alliance, Manny Ruiz, Creator of Hispanicize the Latino version of South by Southwest, Lala Castro, Co-Founder of Latina Geeks is one of the speakers, Ana Flores, Founder of Latina Bloggers, Azucena Maldonado, Founder of Latina Golfers and the amazing, Dr. Ana Nogales, Founder of Casa de la Familia who is the official charity of the Global Latino Summit providing therapy for victims of crimes.

How does it work?

Step One: Register at no cost at http://www.GlobalLatinoSummit.com

Step Two: You will receive an email with log in information.

Step Three: You can download our mobile app on your phone called, YAPP keyword: GlobaLatino and you will see the daily speaker schedule one per day for one hour (some days two per day). The sessions will be live starting on Sept 15th at 9am PST or you can listen to recording on the web for a 24 hour replay. You can call in or listen from your computer. Please pre-register so we can ensure we have enough lines for the demand. The event will be daily through October 15th the conclusion of Hispanic Heritage month. If you miss a call you have the option to purchase the downloads and transcripts.

Step Four: Share the link with co-workers, colleages, your association groups, your ERG group and any others that are interested in professional and personal development/success strategies.

Step Five: Listen, learn and transform.

Register at http://www.GlobalLatinoSummit.com

To your success with ease and grace,

Deborah Deras

Deborah Deras, M.S., C.R.C. – 310-945-5651
Speaker, Trainer, Marketing Consultant

Register NOW while space left at NO COST:
You and all your co-workers and friends are invited to:
The First Global Latino Online Summit- We bring the conference to you.
There is no cost register at: http://www.GlobalLatinoSummit.com

Watch the video to find out why to register: http://youtu.be/b5axMmz2CH8
We are PROUD to support Case de la Familia as our Charity for the Global Latino Summit. Casa de la Familia helps victims of crimes to receive much needed therapy. If you would like to sponsor the event a portion of sponsorship proceeds will go to casa. For sponsorship information go to: http://globallatinosummit.com/sponsors/

Free Support Groups facilitated by Dr. Ana Nogales every Friday from 12-2pm Los Angeles Office
3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 670, Los Angeles, CA 90010 | Ph: 213-284-8494


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