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We partnered up with Danielle from Casually Dapper,for some fall fashion tips and she put together a couple fall must haves for us. She has an awesome Fashion Blog where she talks about down below and how you can find her. Their is nothing more excited than teaming up with other girls to talk about fashion!  Danielle is definitely a young model Latina and we wish her all the best!

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Casually Dapper
Well, I started Casually Dapper three years ago during the summer when I wasn’t busy with anything. I was seeing a lot of bloggers popping up on the web and thought this was something that I could totally do. And then Casually Dapper was born! Casually Dapper stands for the simplicity of looking good. It is about knowing what you like, what fits you and putting it together in an outfit. I know, at least for me, when I have an outfit on that looks amazing I feel amazing and it makes the day better! I am currently a sophomore at college and I am thinking I would like to pursue a career in medicine, but it could change. Essentially, I want to help people and even more little kids so when I find my niche that can do that, that’s where I’ll be. Some fun facts: I have a twin who is my photographer for the blog, I have naturally curly hair which is how I like to wear it and my favorite fashion things are booties, bracelets and bags. I love to travel either for music events, vacations or a weekend getaway and try to plan out some adventures throughout the year. With my blog, I ultimately would like to express my style and give some ideas on how to wear things and let everyone know that they are stunning and incredible.

See you on the blog!



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