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The Nutrition facts label provide most of the information that we need to know about a product. The only way we can find information about the ingredients, calories and nutrients is by reading the label.

Here are some facts about the label…

  1. The serving size: Is the first thing that you will see on the label.
  2. The serving per container: It tells you how many servings or how many people can eat from that product. ( if the serving size is 1 cup and the servings per container is 2, That means 2 people can eat 1 cup out of that container)
  3. The amount of calories, fat, sodium, vitamins and other nutrients are per serving size not per container.
  4. If you double the serving size you have to double everything else ( if one serving has 300 calories and you eat double, it will be 600 calories)
  5. Cereals have two labels, one with milk and another without milk.
  6. Ingredients are in descending order. The ingredient that is in the product in greatest amount is listed first.

This is a simple guide to understand the label. Everybody is different, therefore If you need more info about the Nutrition facts or nutrition in general always consult with your doctor. You can always visit Choosemyplate.Gov. for information in general.

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