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What I love about fashionista, Sarah Vega is her versatility and her grace. She carries such confidence that so many women LACK! Her style is different and she is not afraid to take risks.

She is young, fearless and bold . She is searching for her place in this big big world while making sure she leaves her trail behind. She is a natural born leader and that is why she is our Featured Latina. We may have many things in common but we are all so different. In a world where girls compete with the next female, Sarah is simply competing with herself. She strives to better herself and we are confident that she will succeed wherever she marches, and she knows the only way we can make it to the top is by being Latinas United. Take notes ladies because this girl is on fire! Here are a few things about Sarah Vega and be sure to visit her blog! (Link Down Below)

Nactionality: Dominican mom/ Nicaraguan dad but I was raised super Dominican

Career: I am currently in law enforcement. I am hoping to make some career changes this year and I am also a full time blogger!

What’s your favorite thing about being a Latina? That our tans don’t fade! hahaha Our culture makes us special! we have traditions other people will never understand!

If you can talk to your younger self what would you tell yourself? To let God in your heart! I would tell my younger self to follow your passion no matter how stupid it is. If you can fail playing it safe, then try to do your best with something that makes your heart smile. Faith and action moves the hand of God, so stop procrastinating, pray and then move!!! PS: Forget about these Guys and Get money. These girls don’t love you. Let your heart be a free agent for the man that will step his game up for you. In the meantime, love yourself, cherish your body and let God be your dance partner. He will let the right man in! Last but not least, money looks better in the bank than in your closet!

Who Inspires you? Everyone. I draw inspiration from the smallest things. If you can’t inspire me, then I can’t fu*k with you. Yes, I have a super potty mouth. Sowwies.

Who Inspires your fashion style? My fashion style comes from my mom. (for the most part) The blazers, high waist pants, almond toe pumps: Mom influence. However, my style also comes from the fact that I don’t like to talk much. I rather let my style do the speaking. It’s all about one tacky piece at a time.

What is something you would like to accomplish? That is a great question. In a world where everyone is overexposed, I like to remain a mystery. Women are quick to announce their “him” or “mcm”. They like to expose their kids and successes. I want to accomplish opening my online store, having a successful blog and finally obtaining a dope family life without the pressure of having an “Usie” with whoever my future hubby might be. I want to accomplish having a family, privately.

What is something you would like to change about the way women view themselves? Curse words ahead: I would like for women to stop being in so much fuc*ing competition with each other. Where there is room for one success, there is room for another. This “bad bitch” contest has to stop. Fly hoes come a dime a dozen, strong female bonds are rare. Sisterhood is rare. My main thing that I would change is that women need to learn how to Love on themselves. Value themselves and then maybe they can learn that you don’t have to hate on other women.

Find Sarah’s Lifestyle Blog here:


Thank you Sarah for being one Fierce Latina! Keep up the good work and I hope your radiant personality rubs off on all the girls and women who are simply just trying to find there place in the world. Be yourself, Trust in God, and continue to be a Strong Latina!

If there’s anything you should have learned from this interview is… the words of Sarah Vega, is that “money looks better in the bank than in your closet!”  So be smart ladies!






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