Very often in my home town of Paterson, NJ you will hear more negative than good. Sometimes the bad overshadows the good depending on the day. Aside from all the negativity that the city of Paterson is often clouded with it also has so many shining stars that need to be celebrated more often.

This interview makes me really happy to be where I am from. This month we feature the very talented Tiffany Perez also known as Tiffany Tattooz.

Not only is Ms.Perez a well-known tattoo artist in a male dominated field she is also a college graduate, entrepreneur, business owner and she is LATINA! In this interview Ms. Perez explains why girls should value themselves so much more and how she struggled in a male dominated field.

Tiffany Tattooz was raised in Paterson, NJ. Her nationality is Puerto Rican. Can I get a WEPA! She is definitely a Powerful Latina.  We all can be just as successful if we work hard no matter what the circumstances are, which is why we wanted to share her story. An inspiration to the Latino community and to girls all over the world. We applaud her and her success.


What’s your favorite thing about being a Latina?

Tiffanny Tattooz: Our attitudeTiffany 11

What inspired you to become a tattoo artist ? Especially in a field that is Male dominated? How does that make you feel?

Tiffany Tattooz: My father bought me a tattoo machine as a birthday gift in my early 20’s. I started a tattoo apprenticeship a year later and absolutely fell in love with it. At first, I was a little intimidated by all the men that surrounded me because I felt a little out of place. Even my image was nothing close to looking like a tattoo artist. Felt like I had to prove myself to not only male tattoo artists, but male clients. One time a client told me “no offense, but I would never let a female tattoo me.” He said “just like a barbershop…a tattoo shop is a male industry and I can’t let a female cut my hair or tattoo me for that reason…its a male thing.” These types of things just ended up becoming my motivation. I became more and more passionate and driven to prove that my tattoos and me being a female tattoo artist would speak more volume than anything else.

How do you juggle work and time for yourself? And being an Entrepreneur?

Tiffany Tattooz: Well, to be honest with you it’s pretty difficult. I’m a business owner and currently booked for a whole year, so what I try to do is plan my days off, holidays, vacation time, etc. way ahead of time. I set it so that if something pops up out the blue I can be able to maneuver my schedule or clients around. Being an entrepreneur has never been easy. It is a sacrifice! It is hard-work. You lose friends, you struggle with relationships, you lose sleep. So much struggle comes with it. But I believe the harder the struggle, the better the reward.  I am grateful to be where I am now in life.

What was an obstacle you can remember growing up?

Tiffany Tattooz: I could remember having a difficult time living a proper social life. I moved a lot, transferred to a lot of schools so making and keeping friends was never easy….and going outside or hanging out wasn’t tolerated in my household because of the area I lived in as well. So it was just tough overall being able to socially interact with people when you grow up in dangerous area and moved around a lot.

If you can talk to your younger self what would you tell yourself?

Tiffany Tattooz: I overthink things and think too far into the future which led to a lot of worry within my mind and self. I would say don’t let the little things worry you… Just live for the moment in our present.

Who Inspires you?

Tiffanny Tattooz: Other well-known talented artists and tattoo artists

What is something you would like to accomplish?

Tiffany Tattooz: I would like to open up another business within the next two years. So, I can actually gear into another occupation of interest. This way I can be able to do more than one thing I am passionate about.

What is something you would like to change about the way women view themselves?

Tiffany Tattooz: Self-worth. It is something that strongly influences a person’s attitude and behavior especially in the success and failures in life and I just wish more women had more self-worth in themselves to receive and accomplish the better things in life and within themselves.
I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we did. Let this be an inspiration of what happens when you work hard and go after your dreams regardless of the obstacles set before you.

Tiffany Tattooz is uplifting and fearless Latina and Latinas United will forever be Orgullosas of your accomplishments. Keep working hard. #girlboss

Jenny Clater
Latinas United

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  1. Lisa Serrano
    August 1, 2015 at 6:46 pm (8 years ago)

    Great job Tiffany! I love her attitude & she is doing great at being booked for the year. She is a great entrepreneur & leader for our young women to look up to.


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