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My answer is Flat out NO! This goes both ways. If this story had been reversed and Jay-Z was the one attacking Solange we would have been outraged and very against him. Yet we find humor in this situation. Many people are talking about this video as if it’s the most scandalous event ever. In reality it’s just an embarrassing family matter that was made public.

For all the people who thought Jay-Z and Beyoncé have a picture-perfect life guess again.. Sometimes its hard to see past the façade of Beyoncé and Jay-Z but they are human. They are also entitled to have family problems just like you and me. This was definitely an eye opener for the world to see no one is perfect regardless of their fame and fortunes.

What’s disappointing is to see a person lose control in that way and many viewers giving her a huge pass on it. Regardless if Jay Z may have done something to upset Solange, no MATURE adult thinks assault was the best way to handle being angry. What’s interesting is Beyoncé’s reaction to her sister going completely ballistic on her husband is just….a bit strange. It wasn’t till the third time that Solange had kicked Jay-Z when Beyoncé decided to stand in between them.  She just stood there doing just about nothing. Although I certainly am not insinuating that I expected her to fight her sister. I just wonder how many times does it take for a female (regardless if it was her sister)  to attack your husband and you react like it’s nothing. What’s up with that ‘B’?

The same way we speak to our girls about never allowing a boy to lay a hand on them speak to your boys as well. Sometimes girls hit boys as a sign of affection and sometimes because they know the boy won’t hit back. I have a house full of boys and I have made it clear that the same way they are not allowed to put their hands on a girl neither is a girl permitted to touch them. Sometimes boys are embarrassed to speak up about a girl hitting them but its an issue that deserves attention.

This is definitely a glimpse of how society seems to have a more nonchalant attitude and the reality in today’s world on women hitting men. Although this should have been a private family matter it was leaked to the public and we may never know what the true story behind this video really is. Frankly its not even our business.

What I do know is that we need to make sure we are having the discussion about Domestic Violence with our families and the abuse that goes on between couples. It will never be ok for a man to hit a woman REGARDLESS of the situation the same way it will NEVER be ok for a Woman to hit a Man.

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