crop picOur June Model Latina, Dayalisse Olivares. She is a young college graduate from Montclair State University class of 2014′, whom majored in Health Education and minored in Public Health. Ms.Olivares was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ and she is Dominican, Puerto Rican and Honduran all in one. She is the first person to graduate from college in her family which makes her an outstanding Latina! While interviewing Ms.Olivares she stated that she came across many struggles in life. She stated that there were many instances where she was judged by her mother’s mistakes in life and people assumed that she would follow that same path and become a mother at a young age. Ms. Olivares stated that “Contrary to popular belief I have become the WOMAN that I want to be, not the one people assumed I would be” With great pride she smiled and said” I am a professional woman, I am a leader for my brothers and sisters and most important I am an example to young Latinas.

Once she accomplished graduating HighSchool, she knew the next step was a college degree. Ms. Olivares shared with us that it wasn’t easy and she did experience hardship, which actually helped her become a better person. Working at minimum wage jobs and going to college has helped me appreciate the value of an education and utilizing it to have a better life.

Ms. Olivares stated the new chapter in her life is pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant which means she will be returning to school Fall 2014′. She would like to someday open her own organization that will help communities and villages all over the world that lack Health Education and live in poverty.

It was an honor interviewing this amazing Latina who has many things going for her. Let this be a reminder for us that we all have struggles but we must find a way to overcome them. Ms. Olivares has become the Woman she wanted to be not the woman they assumed she would be…Congratulations Dayalisse on your accomplishments you give us hope and inspiration and we are proud that you are our June Model Latina.jclater love


Ms. Olivares wanted to thank some of the important people that made it possible for her to be here today.

First, I would like to thank my All Mighty GOD for blessing me with everything I have and everything I have overcome. Secondly, my parents Jesus Olivares and Lenor Canales. Along with these individuals my Grandparents, Stepmom, my Uncle Julio Canales as well as my girlfriends Aminta Santos and Loribel Mulero. I wouldn’t be where I am today without any of these people. Each of you helped me along the way and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dayalisse Olivares

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  1. Liliana Rodriguez
    July 22, 2015 at 12:39 pm (8 years ago)

    I was checking out this website and I saw my good friend Daylisse. We graduated together in 2014. I remember standing next to her during commencement. I am glad to know my dear friend is progressing and continuing her education. Good Job Daylisse!


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