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This awesome Latina, has many things going for her and still manages to squeeze in time for community service by joining an organization called LiveLoveDance.org that helps serve underprivileged children through the art of music and dance.

Here are just few details about our featured Latina. Her family comes from Peru and she has Earned a B.S. in Finance from Rutgers University. Carolina recently was promoted as an IT Manager for one of the top 10 Accounting firms in NJ, that she has been working for over a decade. She dedicates her spare time by spending it with her family, friends, and her dog. Laughter and humor is what she brings to people with her own story telling of personal experiences. If she isn’t doing yoga she is trying some new workout routine such as kickboxing, Zumba or hiking. On her down time she is soothing her soul with music from lyrics that touches the heart and inspires her to post her writings on her own blog http://geminic29.wordpress.com/. She truly believes “volunteering is a choice, not something that anyone makes you do. It comes from within.”


If you would like to join Carolina in making a difference join her October 30, 2014 for their Masquerade Charity Ball. Below you can find the link to the organizations website and find the details for the tickets.


Always remember that UNITED we can accomplish so much more…

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