I was super excited to attend this event but there was no way I could have imagined it was going to be such an amazing experience.

We arrived early and I was able to meet the President of Latina Magazine Lauren Michaels and her assistant which was a great honor for me. I was off to a great start! IMG_7986


We were able to watch Verky Acros, the editor at large for Latina magazine present the Glam Squad. They selected people from the audience to get their hair & makeup done on the stage. The Glam Squad even comes out to your home , which I thought was pretty cool.IMG_5361


There were so many different vendors, we tried out some great new products and they gave us some goodies to take home too!



I got to meet the very popular Celebrity Make-up Artist Pricilla Ono! She was very sweet and I absolutely loved her hair!

P Ono


I made sure to stop and get my lipstick done at the Milani bar because they were giving away two FREE lipsticks. So you can’t go wrong with free! The Make-up artist were all really nice and they helped me step outside of the box. So I tried a bold new color! PicMonkey Collage


After our make up session was done we headed over to the stage for the Latina Panelist. We were excited to see all the guest appearances. Which were Dasha Polanco, from Netflix Series,Orange is the New Black. Adrienne Balion, talk show host for The Real talk show on Fox. The lovely Denise Bidot, who is a Fashion Model along with the amazing Fitness Extraordinaire, Massy Arias. Panel

The Ladies discussed body image, and what it meant to be a Latina in Hollywood. They discussed their struggles in Hollywood. They shared their personal stories about body image and being comfortable in your own skin. Learning to accept yourself the way God made you, loving yourself for who you are and carrying yourself with confidence. I think their messages were amazing, especially in a world consumed with social media. What we see is not always the reality and so many women and young girls are consumed with “stereotypes” or “bodies that have been reconstructed”, which can definitely impact our views on what beauty really is. Overall I believe they answered all of the questions very eloquently and the take home message was, Make sure you take care of yourself, eat healthier, and love the body God gave you. We only get one chance at life why not spend more time embracing your flaws and make it work!

We may be all different but we could all relate to the struggles of not only being Latina but the struggle that comes with being a Woman. Regardless of fame or fortune, I learned that Body image, Self-acceptance, Weight and Depression, are all topics that we all struggle with at some point in our lives. These ladies stories definitely captured the audience’s attention. What an amazing experience! imagejpeg_0


After the series was over the ladies came down for pictures. I couldn’t believe how cool they were in person and you can just see thru some of these pictures how great their personalities were. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good shot with any of them but my mom and friend sure did. This was one of my favorite parts of this event.



Here I am with Shirley Velasquez, the Director of Content for Latina Magazine. She was the facilitator for the Latina Panel and she did an amazing job with all of her questions. It was such an honor to meet her.

I was even interviewed on what being Latina meant to me and how Latina Magazine has influenced me.Shirley


Here I am with Massy Arias, the exuberant Certified Personal Trainer, who is changing lives and inspiring a new generation of trainers. Her words spoke volumes to women and especially those who suffer from depression. She has found her positive outlet to help her struggle with depression and she plans to only get better. A beautiful Dominicana and simply a phenomenal woman!LU 1

It was then time for the lovely Evette Rios from The Latin Kitchen to show us how to make some smoothies and a brownies without even using an oven! It was such a pleasure meeting her and we will make sure to stay tuned in every Saturday morning for the Latin kitchen for more great recipes. kitchen

I couldn’t believe how many inspiring women were under one roof. I met Verky Acros Baldonado, Editor at Large for Latina Magazine, Charito Cisneros, Founder of Hispanic Cosmetology and Beauty Chamber of Commerce and I even bumped into one of my followers.





I had to take a picture when I saw the beautiful Victoria Gomez sitting by the Glam Squad. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how much hair she had up close it was stunning.



The greatest part of this event was meeting so many inspiring women who simply want nothing but the best for each other. I met Hipatia Lopez the inventor of the Empanada Fork, the very down to earth Evette Rios, and Daniella Herrera, the very Determined Latina. It was an such an honor to be surrounded by all you and I sincerely look forward to many more events like this.

Latina-event-4-1024x1024photo courtesy: Hipatia Lopez

Cheers to all the powerful Latinas. We all strive to be better and as long as we remain LATINAS UNITED /LATINAS UNIDAS we will always accomplish so much more!

Thank you for reading.

jclater love

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