I recently moved to a new apartment. I Love it! the only problem? my kitchen is kind of small and I needed some extra kitchen space for some of my gadgets…

I was about to get rid of this piece of furniture…when it clicked! I could of use it as a pantry in my kitchen. Here are the pictures of what I did.DSCF2299 shelf

DSCF2329 shelf 3

DSCF2318 shelf 5

I didn’t have a place to organize cereals and snacks.

DSCF2309 shelf 6

A wooden basket is perfect for storing bread and can be used to give a nice touch to your kitchen.

DSCF2308 shelf 7

Having fresh fruits and vegetables already washed, is a way to decorate your kitchen and at the same time a good excuse to let your children eat more of these foods.

DSCF2330 shelf 4

The result…

I hope you like it… if you have any more ideas for decorating and organizing your home, e-mail us.


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