We were excited that we were able to attend the Meadowlands Expo Center, Lego event in Seacaucus, NJ for the very first time this year. My kids had a blast! Actually we all did. There were tons of things to do and thousands of lego models to feast your eyes on. This is definitely something I would love to make a yearly family event.

Here is how we saved money for this event.

Totol cost: $46.00 we purchased through Groupon.

We saved: $32.00 Thanks to Groupon!

Ticket price at door: $26.00 per person children 2 and under FREE

Groupon had tickets for $20.00 plus an additional 15% off and since I purchased before June 30th I recieved an additional promotion they had of $10off my next purchase so I split the purchase of my tickets and that saved me $32.00. Nothing makes me happier than saving Money!

When we walked in the first thing we saw were these amazing lego structures and were kindly greeted by these guys. Check out this killer Batman Setting! (We are huge Batman fans!)

Lego collage LU

My son loved the beautiful boardwalk and feris wheel made of Legos too!

jayden lu

Once we knew where they were having the lego race we got right in line so my son could build his car for the race! This was great he got to build his car with daddy and see their creation go straight to work. The thrill of the competition had my son jumping with excitement. His little lego car creation came in 3rd place.

build race win col.LU

After the race my older son wanted to play some video games so while he played that, I took my 2 year old to enjoy the lego pool. I didn’t even have to pack swimming trunks! This was awesome. He was in heaven with this pool full of bricks. There had to be millions of little bricks in this pool.

Sebas Collage LU

It was nice to see so many different families working together to help their children build so many different structures. Here is an example of one of the hundreds of brilliant creations we saw evolving right in front of our eyes.


After the lego pool we were ready for the Trivia games to begin at 12pm. Once my son heard there would be prizes he was ready! While waiting for the Trivia games to start I glanced over at the section where they served food and I was happy that I made sure we ate a good breakfast before we had gotten there. I even brought our own snacks too. This way we saved some $ and we had more time to enjoy the entire event. I took a picture of the menu so you can have an idea of what they had.Please note:

There were NO changing tables in the restrooms for all you mommies out there!!
Luckily a very good friend of mine gave me the best stroller, where it can also serve as a changing table, so that saved me a trip to my car!

food collag

Unfortunately we didn’t win any prizes but we were eager to head over to the other stations. What I loved the most about our trip here is that my kids can actually witness the endless possibilities of the things you can do with legos. The art involved in creating things with legos is fascinating. Your children get to explore and build and have a blast while doing it. Playing with legos helps develop your child’s creativity and imagination.

The kids were able to play at several lego stations and work together with other children to build. They even had glow in the dark Legos!

glow CollageLU


They also had a separate section for the Lego juniors! So my 2 year old had a good size area designated just for him he really liked that! He was so excited to find some bananas inside the lego pit. ( He is obsessed with bananas)

junior  Collage LU

There were so many amazing works of art! They even had a wall of mosaics you can create.

art Collage LU

On our way out we were able to met Woody from Toy Story! I wonder how many legos it took to build him? My kids had a great time and we will definitely be back again. Thank you Brick Fan Festival for coming to Jersey~ Thanks for reading.woody  Collage LU clater

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