Nutrition is very important to us as we see what poor eating habits, is doing to the Latino community. Obesity has taken over our communities, and is causing many health related diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol. We provide some basic Nutrition information to help educate you and your families so you can make better choices when it comes to feeding you and your family.

We believe the kitchen is the heart is of the home! Join us as we provide you with some useful tips like:

How to read a food label

Breaking down the sugar in some of the drinks we consume

How much sodium (salt) you should have

The truth about Fast Foods

Natural Home Remedies


Menu Planning

Stay tuned as we explore the world around us and all the different cultures that influence our food. We share ideas to help you lead a healthier life. Let us know you know your thoughts and share the knowledge with friends and family.




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