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We will be featuring Model Latinas every month. We believe that their aren’t  enough examples of Role models in our community. Model Latinas are women that understand the struggle and have managed to have a positive lifestyle balance. Women who have overcome there obstacles and are successful today. Whatever your definition of success is, these women are examples of Courage, Hope, and Inspiration to us all. They radiate Success, and Leadership in every way. We all have the opportunity to create our own destiny by the choices we make through out our lives. We encourage you to stop making excuses and hope that you find the inspiration you need to becoming a better YOU. We are proud to announce our very First Model Latina.


1. Name: Gloria P. Vargas


2. Profession: School Principal


3. Born: I was born in Colombia, S.A. 


4. Children: 2 – A son (31 yrs. old) and a daughter (29 Yrs. old)


5. Favorite Food: Fish, seafood, and pasta


6. What do you enjoy the most about your career: Being a role model for teachers, students and parents and making a difference in their lives. 


7. Any Struggles or any life lessons you would like to share for women trying to succeed in life but find many obstacles especially being Latina:


As a Latina woman in American society, I have faced  a double struggle being a minority and a female. However, perseverance, staying focused and aiming high led to achieving personal and professional goals in spite of the obstacles. Never give up!


8.What would you like people to remember you by? A legacy you would like to leave.

A legacy of a very good role model and an instructional leader who believed that every student had individual potentials and was able to grow up to be a happy, successful and valuable member of our society.



A special thanks to Dr.Vargas for supporting us and sharing your story with the Latinas. You truly understand that United we accomplish so much more.     LatinasUnited

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