Last year I received some tickets to attend the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Reddington,NJ and it was definitely in my top 3 favorite events that we attended last year. I had never seen the sky so colorful. Although we did not take a ride in a hot air balloon there were many rides and games for the kids to play. This year I am planning to take my family again to this beautiful event and you should too!

Below you will find a link to purchase tickets

Here is a beautiful picture of my son once the balloon take off began. We were happy to see the different types of balloons in the sky!Jayden Balloon LU

Something that always lures us anytime we hear there is a festival is the food trucks, fresh squeezed lemonade and of course the funnel cake!baby LU v

My family at the balloon take off.


family LU

The sun was setting and the balloons were rising to soon light up the sky.  What a great experience . balloon take off LU

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at this years Balloon Festival. goodbye LU

You can purchase tickets online or at any Quick Check in NJ as they are hosting this event in association with PNC Bank and below you can find the link. The sooner you purchase the more you save! And I am all about saving…


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