Paulina is a best-selling author, certified speaker, and a certified life and business coach. She’s a featured author in “Today’s Inspired Latina” and a collaborating author in the best selling book “Journey to the Stage”. This journey has lead her to be one of the leaders of Latinas en New York (LENY) and her latest venture is becoming founding partner for The Business of WE (women entrepreneurs). The business of We, is a Women’s Prosperity Network is committed to professional and personal growth, a mission is to help women unlock their full potential and advance in their pursuits by providing strategies, resources, fostering collaborative connections, inspiration and empowerment.

Paulina’s professional background is in finance and human resources. She has been awarded with the 2016 NYC Latino Star Award and has been featured on INC Magazine.

With her stellar accomplishments I wanted to get a better understanding of what motivated this Latina to pursue this career path. Here is my interview with Paulina Lopez.

Where are you from?

I am Dominican but I grew up in the boroughs of Brooklyn & Queens.

What is your profession?

I am an author, speaker, business coach and strategist.

What do you like the most about your culture and being Latina?

I love our nurturing spirit, our close communities and strong family values. How we bring people together with food music and laughter!

How do you juggle time for yourself and being an entrepreneur?

I’m all about self-care! I understand the importance of sleeping and exercising  to stay productive and not burnout.  Also, balancing time spent alone to reflect and time spent with loved ones.

What motivated you to start The Business of WE (Women Entrepreneurs)?

Many consider me a master connector! It was important to create a community that focuses on fostering collaborative connections and creative partnerships.We believe in the positive impact of women in business and their potential to be strong drivers of economic growth in their communities.  Our mission is to help women unlock their full potential and advance in their pursuits by providing essential strategies, innovative resources, inspiration and empowerment.
What was an obstacle you remember growing up or face today?
My childhood was good – the NYC public school system made me well rounded and I embraced diversity.  I encountered obstacles as a young adult; experiencing  self-doubt, insecurities and lacking emotional maturity. There were times I was unable to recognize opportunities or handle changes accordingly.  Becoming a single Mom and going through a tough custody battle was my lowest point yet my turning point…
 If you can talk to your younger self what would you say?
Hang in there, you will look back and realize how small you were thinking – don’t take things personal and focus on the bigger picture! Watch your thoughts and your language; always think positive and give gratitude.  Seek a mentor, surround yourself with positive people and invest in your personal and professional growth!

 Be strong… You’re here to do amazing things!

 Who inspires you?

I get inspired by those who create greatness and stay true to themselves! They motivate the masses while staying humble and compassionate to others. My (s)heroes are Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou.

 What is something you would like to accomplish?
My greatest accomplishment has been raising my 20-year old daughter as a single Mom.  My mission and vision is to lovingly support others to awaken their  impact and pursue greater opportunities with confidence and certainty! To continuously approach things with compassion and integrity.
 What is something you would like to change about the way women view themselves?
To stop comparing themselves to others and embrace beauty from the inside out!  To have the confidence to stand in their power, sharing their message while supporting and empowering others.  To live life on their own terms; by their own definition, through their own uniqueness and with authenticity! 
Paulina is an amazing Latina who is influencing women through her work. She is creating her legacy by leading others into a path of success. We are honored to share this Power Latina for our September 2016 featured stories.
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