It’s easy to hide the pain, It’s easy to find ways to make it look better than what it really is. Women sometimes feel that they are forced to stay because of Love, or commitment, Fear of being alone. At some point or another we have either been a part of a domestic violence situation or witnessed it.  In America every 9 seconds a Woman is Beaten or Assaulted and world wide 1 in 3 women is going through a domestic violence situation and most often the abuser is someone they love. For those of us who have daughters think about this, 1 in 5 teenage girls has been threatened with violence if presented with breakup with their boyfriend.

This is an issue that continues to affect our Women. Often times those of us who grow up in a household where violence and abuse was the regular environment we are more likely to go thru similar situations throughout the coarse of our lives. When you know domestic violence is taking place, It makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s almost like a dark cloud is hanging over the person being abused. To know that your friend, your sister, your mom or your neighbor is going thru this makes you feel helpless because no matter what they say they always go back. You start to build anger and resentment. The person being abused once they have actually opened up to you about the situation because they also feel helpless will begin to keep things in because they are embarrassed and the fear of being judged from peers because they know its wrong yet they continue to put themselves in the situation. It’s almost like you have dug a whole and made a ditch that gets deeper and deeper as time passes on. As simple as it sounds to just leave, it never really is…

It’s hard to believe that someone with the strongest will can also be broken down. It becomes an issue of hiding something that everyone knows your going thru but refuses to speak about. It becomes the elephant in the room, hard to ignore regardless of how we sugar coat it. Regardless of all the flowers and gifts that the abuser may bring, nothing in this world is worth more than your self dignity. Once you have allowed someone to take that from you it’s hard to find yourself. Women get so caught up in media, and how society views us plays a role in how we think of ourselves.

Women often seek love from others, in order to feel good about themselves. We seek love, even if its in the wrong places just to feel important. We all have the power to lead our lives the way we like. Allowing someone to control your thoughts, your every move is not healthy. A woman can see how a man will treat her simply by the way he speaks to her. Domestic Violence is never an issue that should be taken lightly and if you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel safe then it’s time for you to leave. There is always help if you seek help.

The moment you allow someone to put their hands on you, it is very likely it will happen again. Find yourself, find your strength, find your beauty, and find your peace. Your worth more than you can imagine and the only person that you should convince of your self worth is YOU…

Never allow someone to disrespect you , because the minute you allowed it to happen you just disrespected yourself.

KNOW YOUR WORTH and Break the Cycle

 Get the help you deserve, no Fees, no names, no Judgments just the help!

Call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1-800-787-3224 (TTY)



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Statistics provided in this post were taken from http://www.DomesticViolenceStatistics.org

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