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We walk around wondering how things will work, how you will cook dinner after a long day at work, help the kids with homework, clean up the mess your toddler just made and yet, still have the energy to drive your child to Soccer practice and then get home to get everything ready to do it all over again. If your reading this and saying this is me, well I hope you find some comfort knowing that your not alone. We can get overwhelmed with the things life throws at us daily but we should always be able to find ways to unwind. Come to the realization that problems will always be around and it’s what helps you grow. Finding a solution and speaking with friends or family who can possibly lend a helping hand helps when your feeling too stressed.

We shouldn’t take our work frustrations out on our children because they deserve your full attention and have possibly had a tough day at school as well. The pressure of being a child these days is harder than we think. Try and eliminate all the drama and stress in your life and focus on the things that really matter that will help you GROW.

We tend to make life much more complicated than what it is. Today is the first day of Fall and it’s my absolute favorite time of year. Take the time to go and enjoy all the beautiful colors and the scenery around you to help bring you peace in stressful times.

When you visualize yourself doing better you will do better, have faith and know that things always have a way of Falling into place.

Some things I enjoy in the FALL:fall jclater

# Pumpkin Lattes & Books

# The Leaves & the Scenery

#Knee Boots & Cardigans

What are your favorite things about the FALL? comment below


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