I used to like food shopping…USED TO! now I do it because I don’t have any other choice. When my daughter was a baby I didn’t have a problem taking her with me because she didn’t have a word to say but now….OMG!! and forget about my husband he has to go through each aisle … so here are tips and tricks to save and to keep your sanity when you go food shopping

  1. If you can, go by yourself: Usually when I go with my daughter or my husband, which I do most of the time (that’s why I said IF YOU CAN) I tend to spend more money, there’s always the snack, cookies or ice cream that they want and you know is not good for them but you buy it anyway.
  2. Look for sales: Everybody know this, but if I’m looking for sales I’ll go to store where I can find more specials instead of making a trip to different stores. Remember I want to save money so if I go to different places I might be saving on food but not so much on gas.
  3. Eat before you go: DO NOT GO to the supermarket with an empty stomach. we tend to buy food that we wouldn’t buy on a regular basis just because we are hungry.
  4. Stick to the shopping list: Make sure that you write everything that you need that way you won’t spent money unnecessarily. (Don’t forget to leave your kid home!)
  5. Stock on non-perishables: Toilet paper, paper towels, soap, the list goes on…When this products are on sale buy in bulk.
  6. Buy the store brand: Sometimes we pay more for advertisement (that’s right!…advertisement) when you buy the store brand you can save a lot money and get the same quality. Leading brands pay big bucks for advertisement which is included in the cost of your product. If you are not sure about the quality of the store brand, compare the ingredients in the nutrition facts with the one that you  regularly would buy.
  7. Look for coupons online: Big companies offer free products and coupons online. Also there’s websites where you can print coupons for free.
  8. Get the store discount card: Grocery stores have sales where you can save a lot of money for those with a store discount card.
  9. Register online: If you have the discount card make sure you also register online. when you do so the store send you special and extra discounts (even free products that you can get in your next visit!!) through your e-mail.
  10. Check your receipt: You might have coupons there too!

We want to hear from you. Tell us what are your savy ways to be a smart shopper while food shopping.

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