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We’re back! After going on over a month long hiatus….We’re getting back into the grove of things. You wake up everyday and you think you have everything under control and then you realize in an instant that you don’t. I’m realizing that life is very much like a roller coaster. It takes minutes to get you up high but it takes seconds to bring you down. Life is a ride and there will be ups and downs.  We can either complain for all the short comings in our life or do something about it. We may not have control over certain things in life but we should focus on the things we can control. Trying to stay positive even when things don’t seem to be getting any better. Something that helps me when I feel like im drowning in my problems, is knowing that things could be much worse. Misery always loves company so stay away from the negative beings in life and embrace your blessings.

Find a way to make things work even when they seem impossible. Find someone to speak with that you can trust because they may give you a different perspective on the situation. Work with what you have and hope for better days.

Always have faith that someday things will get better….

Great source of Vitamin C and best thirst quencher for hot summer days


5  cups of WATER

3 Lemons

3/4 cup sugar


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