instagrambdayMany people cringe at the thought of getting older. I actually embrace it. We should be trying to find ways to grow and find the value in life. We spend so much time complaining and spending time on frivolous things that we miss out on the most amazing moments in life and what actually matters. This post is for all the people who spend so much time being unhappy, that they don’t take the time to find what does make them happy. I have had such a challenging year but I am thankful that I experienced the things I did because it’s opening new doors for me. We don’t realize that out of a bad thing, something good can actually become of it. I know it’s hard to think that way when your down and nothing seems to be going right but trust that everything your going through has a purpose in life.

I’ve learned that I need to slow down and learn to say NO! I’ve learned to do things when I can, because I tend to carry the world on my shoulders and I am not SUPER WOMAN. I’ve learned to love myself more! I’ve learned to have more faith and believe that God will always be bigger than my fears.

I will always be a work in progress and I am proud of my flaws and the couple grey hair’s on my head because that’s what make me who I am.

What ever your struggle is remember that it can be worse and speaking about it can help even if the situation seems hopeless. It may always be an up hill battle with whatever problems you face, what’s important is the climb and what we learn along the journey called LIFE.


Looking forward to many more Birthdays and thankful for everything God continues to Bless me with!

Thanks for reading and Remember there is always something to smile about!fall jclater

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